KARAKURI KENGEKI is a VR sword-fighting game in which the player fights as a samurai robot using a Japanese katana, moving through various stages redolent of old Japan.

As a samurai robot, you take up your katana bravely against the enemies ranked against you in each stage, battling with swords amid vividly Japanese settings as the tension ratchets up.

How to Fight Enemies

Because the enemies are waiting for you in formation, you cannot win simply by waving your sword around like a maniac.

Instead, you work your way carefully through each stage, discovering the bespelled sword with its mysterious power, luring the enemy cleverly into single combat to make quick work of them.

How to Use Japanese Swords

You can grab the sword by bringing your hand close.

You can draw the sword by lifting it and grabbing it again.

The sword can be sheathed by placing the tip of the sword against the mouth of the scabbard.

Some swords have special power that you can activate by sheathing them.

The number of times you can activate the special power hidden in the sword is limited.