KARAKURI Colosseum is an enthralling VR sword-fighting journey, blending the mystic allure of Japanese samurai warfare with the epic scale of an ancient Roman amphitheater.

Embark on a winner-takes-all duel in the legendary arena, where robot adversaries escalate in power with each conquest, and mastery over the elegant Japanese swords becomes your key to survival.

Unique swords, each whispering tales of ancient powers and secrets, are strategically placed throughout the stage, awaiting warriors astute enough to unveil and harness their latent energies.

How to Use Japanese Swords:

In a world where every blade tells a story, your survival hinges on skillful interaction and strategic management of your sword’s potent abilities.

Unsheathe your destiny: Draw the sword, enveloping yourself in its mystical aura, and unlock abilities by keeping it sheathed until the crucial moment.

Rarity in power: Remember, only select swords harbor hidden, formidable powers waiting to tip the scales of battle in your favor.

Getting Started with Your Sword:

Navigating the ethereal world of KARAKURI Colosseum demands fluidity in your swordplay and an intuitive connection with your blade.

Grabbing the Sword: Approach the handle closely with your hand to grip the sword.

Drawing the Sword: Lift it ever so slightly and reaffirm your grip to unsheathe.

Sheathing the Sword: Align the blade with the scabbard’s opening to sheathe, preserving its aura and potential.

Experience a breathtaking confluence of history and futurism, engaging in visceral swordplay against relentless mechanical samurai within a monumental arena, where victory breathes life into steel, and defeat beckons the eternal echoes of the colosseum.

Join us in the KARAKURI Colosseum, where every strike etches a tale of survival in the hallowed grounds once graced by warriors of epochs past.

Your destiny awaits, warrior. Will your name resonate through the annals of the KARAKURI Colosseum? May your sword guide you to eternal glory amidst the spectral echoes of the ancient arena.